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The World’s Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat and Towel

If you’re a runner, then you pay close attention to your running shoes to ensure the best performance for your feet. If you’re a tennis player, you want the best racket to hit the ball. If you’re a golfer, you want the best clubs. Every athlete should always want the best gear to support the best outcome from the game, and these days, everyone wants their gear to be friendly to the environment. In today’s world it makes sense that fitness athletes and exercise enthusiasts seek out the best eco-friendly gear for high level experience and results! No matter what your game is, your gear matters. It’s personal to your performance.

If your fitness game is yoga, Pilates, or other forms of isometrics, then the quality of your mat and towel is of paramount importance. Your yoga mat and towel is an expression of preference, and you want the best that is available. As a yoga enthusiast myself, I can tell you that a great mat and towel makes all the difference and I can also tell you first hand that there is nothing worse than a crappy mat and towel during a workout.

Prior to the launch of HOTWORX, I would frequent a hot yoga studio in downtown New Orleans close to where I lived at that time and I would pay $5 to rent a mat and towel. The mat was not wide enough for comfort and the towel looked like something that came out of a Motel 6 somewhere. It was an awful experience. The towel didn’t even cover the little mat and it was very rough on the knees. At one point, during those times, I began to think about how the yoga experience could be better with the right mat and towel.

After the design was complete for the now patented HOTWORX sauna, I worked closely with our product and equipment team to design the perfect yoga mat and towel for hot exercise. Our goal was to provide customers with the ultimate floor exercise experience. I think we accomplished that goal. Once people get used to a good mat and towel they can never go back to a lesser quality option.

As we began to roll out the HOTWORX workout saunas, we had no idea how popular the newly designed mats and towels would be. We knew that they were super high quality and designed to increase performance, but we didn’t anticipate that so many customers would want to buy their own mat and towel instead of just rent them. We now ship out tens of thousands of our high quality mats and towels each month. We have always wanted to become the largest supplier of high quality yoga mats and towels in the USA and we’re getting there because HOTWORX customers love them for their workouts.

The towel is designed to fit perfectly over the size of the mat and the towel has silica gel micro grips underneath to ensure that there is no slippage during workouts. Of course, the towel is large enough to capture all of the sweat and is super absorbent with microfiber material. The mat provides the right amount of cushion with its honeycomb structure and the towel feels good to the knees while providing stability for any type of isometric posture.

The HOTWORX mats and towels are eco friendly. The mat is infused with all-natural hemp fibers that are ideal for comfort during rigorous workouts. The towel is made with food grade silica gel grips underneath and all of the microfiber materials allow for strong absorption, softness to the touch, good air permeability, wear resistance and easy cleaning. These towels last forever, wash after wash, they continue to perform! The towel also has passed the strict REACH European standards for human health and environmental safety.

According to Victoria Price, Dir. of Retail and Project Management, “Our HOTWORX yoga mats are crafted from a blend of all-natural jute and hemp fibers, ensuring that they can withstand the high temperatures of our saunas without heating or melting. Additionally, our mats are free from 16 types of phthalates, commonly known as plasticizers, ensuring safer, non-toxic use. They also meet the standards of California's Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65), affirming their safety and quality.”

For me, as an avid skier, the yoga mat and towel are just as important to my fitness as a good pair of boots and skis are to my performance on the slopes. If you are serious about your workout performance, give the HOTWORX mat and towel a try for your next yoga or other isometric session!


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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