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Transformational Infrared Fitness Results

Last week I had the honor of attending a signing event for my book HOT EXERCISE at one of our top franchise locations in the country, Myrtle Beach, SC. The owners, Monty and Dixie Porter, have done a wonderful job and their members are absolutely passionate about HOTWORX. 

Pictured with me in the photo is Elizabeth Foster who has an amazing story about her journey with fitness. After meeting her and listening to what she had to say, I asked her if I could publish her story in a blog article. Here it is in her own words:

This is Elizabeth from HOTWORX Myrtle Beach. I hope you’re doing well and enjoyed your time at the beach. It was a pleasure meeting you on  Saturday. I saw you on Sunday, too. You looked very focused and I didn’t want to interrupt so I didn’t say, ‘Hi’. You asked if I would be willing to write up my ‘health’ situation/story and how HOTWORX helped me, etc.
Diagnoses in chronological order with treatment:
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: rest, clean diet, and B12
Fibromyalgia: Lyrica & Cymbalta, GF diet
Localized Scleroderma: Methotrexate and Plaquenil, topical creams, GF diet
Anxiety & Depression: Cymbalta
Raynaud's: none
Rosacea: clean diet and topical creams, GF diet
Hyperparathyroidism & Osteopenia: removal of large mass on parathyroid gland, increase calcium intake.
I have been dealing with these culminating autoimmune issues for 7 years! My life before was MUCH different. I completed CrossFit sessions several times a week and ran the other days. Shortly after the birth of my son, Brooks, my health started to deteriorate. I couldn't work out without waking up the next morning unable to get out of bed. Slowly, the weight crept and muscle left my body. It seemed like anything I did to maintain or lose weight never worked. My thyroid is healthy and TSH levels have always been pretty stable. 
HIIT training just hurt too much to the point I couldn't walk, walking made me ache for days, and my motivation was super low because of my depression. After my parathyroidectomy in June 2020 I felt relief from CFS.
July 2020 I saw my gynecologist and she told me I had two cysts on my uterus. I solved one health problem only to gain another. So frustrating!
My teacher friend, Carian, started going to HOTWORX in June and would send me informational blurbs about the health benefits to gain from being in an infrared sauna (she knew I was constantly in pain and struggling mentally). Because of Covid-19 and the immunosuppressants I was taking, I was extremely hesitant to go anywhere. As a matter of fact, my husband took care of everything outside of our home (grocery shopping, filling up gas tanks, appointments for our dogs, and taking care of his elderly parents' needs). 
So after much thinking, towards the end of July I decided to give HOTWORX a try with my friend Carian by side. Dixie Porter (with the kindest heart) was amazing and knowledgeable about all things HOTWORX. My free HOTWORX session was Warrior and I haven't stopped going. After one month of time in the infrared sauna, my uterine cysts were gone! I received no hormone therapy and my gynecologist and I both concurred that because of my time in the sauna my cysts 'went away’.
I always tell people that I may not look like I have burned 130,000 calories in less than a year, but I have TONS of non-scale victories!
I have been medication free for 5 months!! I do NOT take medicine for ANY of my autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, anxiety or depression! As a matter of fact, my scleroderma is in remission! When I visit my rheumatologist and endocrinologist (Medical University of SC), we talk about my symptoms (not just test results) and the time I spend in an infrared sauna. They all echo what the research says about infrared heat and agree that my time in the sauna is leading to my health success and improvements. 
I can't say enough about the relief I feel from my fibro pain. Do I still have flares? Yes, when I skip the sauna! But they aren't anywhere as bad as when I was taking medicine to control pain.
AND I can walk without feeling pain the following day. I can do HIIT exercise (in the sauna) and get out of bed the next day!
Thank you for listening to my story and for using your knowledge to create something that has and can benefit people in many different ways. I am so thankful because I am now able to come home from a long day of teaching and play with my son and cook my family dinner and do all the stuff a mom wants to do! Take care and be well!
Elizabeth Foster

I can write blogs until I am blue in the face about the benefits of infrared training, but they will never be as powerful as what you just read. The most rewarding part of my job is when I visit our studios and hear of the transformational fitness results. 

As franchise owners, we are in business to make money for sure. But, when you can generate revenue by providing a good service at a fair price, and offer something that can greatly improve the lives of the customers that you are there to serve, then it all makes sense.

Thanks so much Elizabeth for sharing your story. Keep “earning the burn” over there in Myrtle Beach! 👍🔥

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