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Try Friday for an Infrared Training Leg Day

It’s Good Friday today as I am writing this blog article. That being the case, I thought I would write about my own workout routine and what my typical Friday workout looks like. This morning, like most of my mornings on a Friday, it was leg day. For the entire week leading up to “leg day”, my fitness routine looks like this during a week. I will weight train every body part once per week, chest Monday, back Tuesday, shoulders Wednesday, arms Thursday, and then it’s a wrap for the week with lower body on Friday.  I will follow the body part functional weight training in the FX Zone with a morning hot HIIT workout in the HOTWORX infrared sauna for cardio and infrared therapy. Additionally, I will add a hot isometric workout two to three times per week at lunch or in the evening, and it could be any one of the 9 different ISO workouts available at HOTWORX. Most weeks I’m sure to get at least one HOT STRETCH in to maintain and to improve flexibility!

I am a bit partial to Friday “Leg Day” because of my mountain climbing excursions. Obviously, hiking a serious mountain requires leg strength and cardio conditioning. This morning was an excellent dose of strength training for legs and hot cardio training on a cycle in the infrared sauna. It’s a great way to finish the fitness week.

I know there are a million different ways to train for fitness, and I am a big advocate for cross-training. I love HOTWORX because it has everything that anyone needs for general fitness, and for activity specific training, like that of hiking and snow skiing, my two favorites. HOTWORX “works” for fitness beginners, enthusiasts, runners, motocross racers, soccer players, pro baseball players, pro football players, and athletes of almost any other sport that you can think of! In fact, there are professional athletes from the WWE, NBA, NFL, WNBA, National Women’s Soccer teams and other pro sports who are franchise owners and/or members of HOTWORX and who love the infrared training options. They use the studio to maximize lower body and cardio conditioning in similar ways like I do on Fridays. Note also that the HOTWORX workouts are created by athletes for general fitness.

This morning my routine consisted of squats for warm-up sets and then it moved right into kettle bell squats on the flat side up of a BOSU ball for added balance training. From that exercise I then went to multiple bench steps, alternating elbow to knee. From there I jumped into calf training with dumbbells including sets with straight toe, toes pointed in, then toes pointed out. After that, it was time for lower body cardio with HOT STRETCH.

Try devoting a day during your fitness week to legs. I like Friday because it’s a good way to end the workout week with a solid session for the wheels of the body.


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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