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Two Clients

A hot 30 minute isometric workout is definitely good for everybody, but generally there are two reasons that clients will use this type of session, and they are:1. General Fitness: 80% of clients who practice a form of hot exercise do it for their main or their only fitness routine. They find that three to five 30 minute sessions per week gets them to their physical goals and it is all they need.2. Supplemental Athletic Training: 20% of clients use hot exercise to break a progression plateau for their athletic training in preparation for some form of competition or sport activity. Some of these clients are professional fitness instructors who are looking to improve their practice. These clients have discovered that hot isometrics, yoga and pilates can take their performance to a much higher level.Many athletes, yoga and pilates instructors, and fitness trainers use HOTWORX as a way to take their practice to another higher level. Celebrities are using HOTWORX now as one of their secrets to better their appearance.No matter which “camp” a client might fall into, with hot exercise, both get the results they are looking for. The accelerated detox and massive calorie burn gives the 80% camp the body toning they are looking for; the improved recovery, balance, flexibility and endurance gives the 20% camp what they are looking for. Both clients win with hot exercise!The fitness industry continues to expand by attracting new clients into the vast array of training methods that are offered. Gone are the days of simple weight training, aerobics and a treadmill. Clients want more. Clients want interesting, specialty exercise that can take their results to the next level!

Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer