Unleash Your Inner Warrior to Overcome Adversity

In this year of the pandemic it’s easy to allow yourself to be dragged into a downward spiral of negativity.  Don’t let it happen! It’s not the correct response to adversity. There is a way to keep moving in a positive direction, and even catapult yourself to a much higher level amidst this seemingly awful situation we find ourselves in.

If you focus on the gloom and doom, then that is exactly what you will get. You get what you focus on in life! What is required right now, and always, is a focus on the positive.

For times like these, I frequently point out this fact. The greater the adversity, the more profound the opportunity. Adversity is merely a problem to solve. As business executives, this is what we do.  And in personal life adversity can be approached in the same way.

Positivity is the key. The path to positivity begins from the inside. Summon your “inner warrior” to find the courage necessary to attack the problem, and to overcome the adversity. The inner warrior is the fighter inside all of us. We all have one. It’s the will to succeed, the will to win. It’s powerful. It’s the force that makes you do more than you ever thought you could.

Your inner warrior will force you to focus, for as long as it takes, to come up with a good solution to any problem. Call up the warrior to find a good strategy to face up to and overcome the adverse situation. This force can make you mentally ready for the moments of inspiration that solve great problems.

This is especially important for fitness. That fighting spirit will take you to another motivational level for more reps and better postures.

You know it works, but HOW do you access your inner warrior? It takes desire first. I am reminded of a business associate who used to ask this question all the time, “How big is your want to!?” Your level of desire will determine how quickly you find the strength within that I am referring to as your inner warrior. You gotta want it bad enough though, and when you do, then you will know the positive force of your inner warrior!

So, take all of your adversity including the pandemic, your critics, and any obstacle to your fitness self-discipline and throw them in the ring with your will to succeed. Then tap into and UNLEASH the power of YOUR INNER WARRIOR to defeat them all!

Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer