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Watch Your Fitness Tracker, Not a Wall Clock!

Any product innovation, including, and especially that of fitness trackers such as the Apple Watch and FitBit, is an evolution by design to improve the experience with time. Fitness trackers actually use time as the basis for what they track. The most important data for fitness is the number of calories burned within a given amount of time, and this is the main metric that is measured by a tracker.


If you haven’t invested into a fitness tracker for yourself, then you should consider it for 2021. How you manage your time with respect to how you perform during a workout is vital to your fitness. In order to reap the most workout benefit for the time dedicated, you should know the calories you are burning during your training time. The more calories burned per workout, the better the workout!

Your heart rate is also an important metric, and now with Apple Watch Series 6 you can see your blood oxygen level too. Blood oxygen level indicates how well the oxygen from the lungs is delivered to cells throughout the body. Higher blood oxygen levels can benefit your exercise program and this will be the topic for next week.

In the introduction of my book, HOT EXERCISE, I begin with an explanation of time as the most valuable commodity in life. I suggest in that intro that we “might even go so far as to say all human advancement is the result of an effort to improve the quality of time.” Time is valuable. Some people say time is money. I say time is fitness! How you use your fitness time can be improved with the right fitness tracker. At HOTWORX we recommend the Apple Watch and FitBit. The Apple Watch is better and provides more features, but is more expensive. FitBit is a really good, less expensive option. Both devices sync directly with the HOTWORX Burn Off App, a members only app for our studio clients.

The fitness tracker market stood at $31 billion in 2019 and is forecast to grow to $92 billion by 2027. This industry has an interesting history with the first known fitness tracking device dating back to the 1700’s with the invention of the pedometer in Switzerland. United States president and founding father, Thomas Jefferson, is credited with producing the first pedometer in America. Of course, a pedometer is used to track number of steps taken.

“Fitness trackers, as we know them today, first surfaced in 1965 with the Manpo-kei, which translates to ‘10,000 steps meter’ and was invented by Dr Yoshiro Hatano. Dr Hatano, a Japanese professor at the Kyushu University of Health and Welfare, was researching at the time how to combat obesity.”

Now, to the point of my article. I recommend that you buy a fitness tracker and get rid of the wall clock. This will discipline yourself to look at your wrist for time and for all of your fitness data. Wearing a tracker will force you to analyze your vital fitness stats throughout the day and will result in better workout performance.

Strap a tracker to your wrist for 2021 and begin to equate TIME with your FITNESS!

(1) Smith, Stephen. HOT EXERCISE. 2020
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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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