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Why is Detox So Important?

In last week’s blog post I wrote about the body’s largest organ, the skin, and how it acts as a border exchange by allowing entry of toxic substances into the body as well exiting them through sweat detox. What I want to expand upon this week is why detox is so important for health.

So, why detox?

In a nutshell, buildup of toxins and toxicants within your body can cause tremendous damage to your health. 

Did you know…

Out of more than 87,000 chemicals used in the United States, over 3,000 of them are used in the food supply and more than 10,000 chemicals are used in the form of preservatives, solvents and emulsifiers for packaging and to extend shelf life. EPA studies have shown that human fat biopsies contain styrene in 100% of samples. It has also been found that most people range anywhere from 400 to 800 chemicals in fat cells that are very difficult, if not impossible to metabolize. (1)

Doctors are seeing more symptoms from toxicity in their patients over the most recent decades. Patients are suffering from hormone imbalances, obesity, mental efficiency slowdown, loss of memory, fatigue, loss of vitality, and sleep disorders, to name a few. (2)

Unfortunately, there’s more…

Data continues to mount in support of the belief that chemical exposure is disruptive to the endocrine (hormonal) system causing diabetes and obesity. According to the Endocrine Society, evidence is clear that these hormone enemies are also tied to “infertility, prostate cancer, undescended testicles, testicular cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and neurological issues. Sometimes these problems apparently occur in adults because of exposures decades earlier in fetal stages.” (3)

What can we do?

Develop a personal detox plan that is a part of a daily regime of fitness and wellness. Remember that the liver is the main detoxifier of the body and it can become overloaded. This can be remedied through a practice of yoga and sweating. A program such as HOTWORX can provide more detox through a variety of yoga and other isometric workouts inside of an infrared sauna with twisting postures to aid the liver and lymph system through increased circulation, better metabolism efficiency and sweating induced from the radiant heat. 

You should also begin to practice a daily diet that is clean and free from chemicals along with a cleanse every 90 days.

It takes daily focus to practice detox. If you can repeat your detox plan daily, soon it will become a part of your fitness lifestyle!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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