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Yoga Mat (and Towel) Mania!

Your yoga mat, and towel is a personal thing.  These two items are as important to an isometric workout as a good pair of Nike’s are to a runner.  When people experience yoga, pilates and other forms of isometrics with a really good mat and towel they will never go back to a lesser quality experience.

Before we rolled out the first HOTWORX infrared workout sauna we had no idea how popular our mats and towels would be.  Now we manufacture them by the thousands per month.  We knew that we were making them out of high quality materials, but we did not foresee that most of our customers would want a mat and towel of their own instead of renting them.

Why do our customers love them so much?  Quite simply put, they work well for the workouts!  The size of the towel is perfect over the size of the mat.  The materials used in manufacturing provide for a very high quality experience.  The towels are made of eco-friendly and super absorbent microfiber material with silica gel particles on the reverse side to eliminate slipping.  The HOTWORX Mat is infused with all-natural hemp fibers that are ideal For HOTWORX & any other exercise programs or routines.  The honeycomb design of the mat padding provides for superior footing while practicing yoga and other forms of isometrics.

The best way I can describe “yoga mat mania” is to liken it to buying a good pair of ski boots and skis.  As an avid snow skier, I know that the perfect pair of skis and boots makes a huge difference in skiing performance.  The same is true for workout performance when you use a high quality gear!  The mania is due to this increased level of performance with an optimum workout mat and towel, and everyone wants the very best workout that they can obtain, for sure!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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