Your Fitness Depends on the Inner Warrior

Life is not fair.

This we know. So what?! Just because life does not present a perfect path for all of us to follow, there is no need to waste time by sitting around asking why.  Why doesn’t matter. Just know that we need to work hard and stay positive!

One thing is true.

We all have an inner warrior spirit if we choose to access it. We do not have to accept mediocrity from ourselves. That is a choice that we can make. We can choose to be our personal best.

At a recent Franchise Times Finance conference where I was invited to speak, part of my speech addressed the topic of our target customer, or in modern terms, our ideal customer avatar. We have always targeted a 30 year old female with a job for our legacy brand Planet Beach, and now with our emerging fitness brand HOTWORX as well.  It is simple to say who our target customer is, but in reality, the 30 year old female with a job demographic is always a moving target.


I have watched that demographic change over the years.  I can promise you that the modern day “Eileen”, as we lovingly call our ideal customer avatar, wants much more from her fitness routine than that of her mom back in the day.  No offense to Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda, but Eileen wants to go beyond namaste, she wants to “Namaslay It!”

Whether we want to admit it or not, we get out of life what we put in.  We do not get out of life what we take from it.  I believe in life based on merit.  I guess that makes me a meritocratist.

So be it!

“Meritocratists believe in the individualist credo: If you have the abilities and work hard enough, you can compete with anyone to make your dreams come true. Meritocratists disapprove of programs that use race, culture, ethnicity, class, gender or any cultural identity dimensions as criteria for an opportunity, believing instead in personal merit.”¹

Everyone has a reason, no matter their plight in life, to reach within to access their personal inner warrior. The desire for results is a good reason. This is especially true in fitness. Discover your inner warrior to find the strength for that extra hold to finish the eagle pose!  Access the inner warrior to pound out the last interval in your HIIT session. Whenever you need the umph to do more, find your inner warrior!

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone gets a trophy, nor should they.  Life is not fair like that.  Life gives back what you put into it.

Modern fitness calls for gym owners to challenge their members to perform routines to the level of their personal best pace.  At HOTWORX we cue our members individually to “go at your own best pace, but challenge yourself!”

From a marketing standpoint, to reach the modern Eileen, the fitness studio that recognizes the  desire to discover her inner warrior will be the studio that rises to the top.

This requires owners to recognize that it is not good enough for customers just to show up, but that they need to be led to perform and do the work to get the results. At HOTWORX, this requires franchise locations to show customers how to follow the HOTWORX Training Method which has been designed to inspire INNER WARRIOR DISCOVERY.

Eileen wants to know how to read her most important fitness metric. This calls for teaching customers how to analyze their personal fitness data. Most importantly, clients should view how many calories they burn during a workout session and how high their after workout calorie burn is (the one hour after-burn).

In the 21st century, it’s about burning calories and doing the work, not just showing up. You don’t have to be a fitness buff to acknowledge this. The average health club member wants this…a place for results, not just a hangout…

a place that inspires the discovery of the personal INNER WARRIOR!!!

Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer