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Guidance and Support Every Step of the Way

HOTWORX welcomes new franchisees, Jen & Tom Luft, who were awarded a franchise license in the Philadelphia market and are currently in Presale at their open Media, PA studio!

What originally motivated you to consider a business opportunity?
We had considered opening a franchise for some time to add another stream of income, but also to provide Jen with an opportunity to put her skills to work. Jen has been a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) for over 10 years & is ready to get back out into the working world but on her own terms. Tom's job as an American Airlines pilot creates an extremely fluid schedule which has made it difficult for Jen to explore other employment opportunities. Opening our own franchise will give Jen the satisfaction & personal fulfillment of running a business, while also having full control of her schedule.

What led you to explore franchising rather than an independent business?
This is our first foray into the business world. Working with an outfit that was already established and is growing at a healthy & promising pace, was exciting to us. We knew we would have the guidance & support every step of the way.

What was your initial impression of your first HOTWORX session?
While visiting family in Oklahoma in March 2021, Jen accompanied her sister-in-law to a Hot Cycle session & was instantly hooked. From the industrial chic decor with wood & metal accents, to the clean lines & easy to navigate studio and saunas, it just felt right. She knew instantly that this was the franchise opportunity they had been looking for!

How was your experience going through the HOTWORX Discovery Process?
Patty was our recruiter and walked us through every step of the Discovery Process with ease & understanding. We never felt like it was rushed or too much information all at once. The pace was perfect. The modules were easy to understand. Talking to Patty was like talking to a friend - casual enough to help us feel comfortable, but in a professional and informative manner.

How would you describe your Orientation Day and meeting the HOTWORX Executive Team?
Just as with the Discovery Process, it felt comfortable & inviting. We felt like we were equals & truly appreciated as franchisees. It was made clear that we would be supported and looked after, not just in the beginning, but for the duration of our contract with HOTWORX. Each informational section was easy to digest & everyone was just friendly & nice!

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs considering the opportunity to franchise with HOTWORX?
Don't delay! Licenses are getting scooped up & you don't want to miss out. Don't be afraid to ask questions - there are no dumb questions, just the ones not asked - and you will see for yourself how awesome this company is & what a privilege and honor it is to be a member of the HOTWORX family.

What are the top 3 reasons you chose to franchise with HOTWORX?
1. Fitness and overall health & well-being are important to us. We are passionate about taking care of ourselves & others in our community.
2. Their standard $550/month royalty fee is unprecedented & shows us that HOTWORX isn't just using us to fill their pockets.
3. They want each franchisee to succeed for themselves & achieve monetary gains.

What excites you the most in offering HOTWORX to your community?
The fact that there is nothing like this around us excites us! And once people try the first free session, we know they'll be hooked. It is affordable, easy to schedule a session & it is quick! You don't have to dedicate lots of your precious time into getting a great workout.

What goals do you plan to accomplish in your first year as a HOTWORX franchisee?
We would like to welcome 1,000 members into our studio family within the first year. Finding a rhythm & hiring and keeping knowledgeable & personable staff is a priority. Good help can be hard to find. We plan on taking care of our employees & offering motivating incentives that help them feel important & appreciated - because they are! A company is only as good as its employees.

How will HOTWORX help you achieve your personal and professional goals?
HOTWORX is the answer to a long time prayer for Jen. She knows she has more to give than just being a SAHM & this opportunity will allow her to be out in the community, building relationships & making people feel welcomed and supported throughout their fitness journey. Personally, we know we already make a great team & running a HOTWORX franchise will allow us to continue to work together towards a common goal - financial freedom & a fulfilling purpose in life.

Congratulations, Jen & Tom, and welcome to the HOTWORX team!
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