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Hiking for Heroes 2023 - Last Chance to Donate!

We welcomed home the HOTWORX Hiking for Heroes team last week after admirably taking on the challenge of climbing the tallest volcanic mountain in the Northern Hemisphere, Pico de Orizaba. Prior to each climb, the team of athletes spends months of infrared sauna training at HOTWORX to prepare. Stephen P. Smith, the CEO & Creator of HOTWORX and the leader of the HOTWORX Hiking for Heroes team, stated, “We often worked out in the HOTWORX infrared saunas with oxygen deprivation masks to simulate the altitude of the impending climb. While we did not reach the summit as a team, we are proud of the effort and progress we made on this hike. The altitude was no joke, but we were determined to be as ready as humanly possible.” Congratulations to Smith and his teammates, Jeremy Harwell, Victoria Price, Amanda Gianelloni, and John Carlton, on another incredible achievement in their Hiking for Heroes journey. We’re all extremely proud of your honorable representation of HOTWORX!

This year, the Hiking for Heroes goal is to raise a total of $55,473, which is $3 for every foot of the 18,491 ft mountain, and to donate the funds to Sacred Mountain Retreat Center, a non-profit organization that offers a cost-free retreat to military veterans and first responders who suffer from PTSD or trauma. Every dollar we raise through Hiking for Heroes will go straight to fueling this program and creating a life-changing opportunity for more of our nation’s heroes who have sacrificed so much for us. We’ve already raised over $27,000 (and that’s before the corporate match kicks in!) and will continue to accept Hiking for Heroes donations via GoFundMe until noon on Friday, January 19th. Please CLICK HERE to donate!

Victoria Price, a member of the HOTWORX Hiking for Heroes team, Army Veteran, and HOTWORX Franchisee stated, “As a veteran myself, I know how important healing centers like Sacred Mountain are for the mental health and well-being of my fellow veterans. As a team and organization, we are proud to help raise money for this incredible cause, knowing that access to healing is so meaningful and has a lasting impact on our heroes.”

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to this year’s Hiking for Heroes sponsors for their generosity - HOTWORX, Daniel & Henry, Faux Pas Prints, Business Finance Depot, and Diet Trax. The positive impact from our sponsors and donors to this fundraiser is nothing short of spectacular and we can’t thank you enough for helping us make a difference in the lives of those seeking solace at Sacred Mountain Retreat Center!


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