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HOTWORX Committed to Continued Support of Our Country's Heroes

Sacred Mountain Retreat Center (SMRC) is a non-profit retreat center located near Deadwood in the Black Hills that brings our military, first responders, and their families to South Dakota for a time of respite and healing. To support their mission of creating avenues for forward movement with new and reinvigorated paths to healing and re-established positive life building endeavors, HOTWORX donated two of their patented infrared workout saunas to SMRC last year and has also hosted a Silent Auction for SMRC at the past two annual franchise conventions. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the HOTWORX & Planet Beach franchisees and our vendors who donated and helped us raise $14,180 for SMRC at the 2020 convention this summer!

"One of the greatest thing about SMRC is on day one you walk through the doors as strangers by day three you’ve became friends and on day seven you leave as a new family. There truly is healing in the hills."
-Jerrid Geving, CEO and Founder of Sacred Mountain Retreat Center

Members of the HOTWORX Executive Team have always felt very welcomed at SMRC and can attest to the hospitality and familial atmosphere described by Geving. Kasie Banks, Executive Marketing Director for HOTWORX, recently traveled to Deadwood, South Dakota to represent HOTWORX at the second annual "Healing the Heroes" Golf Tournament for Sacred Mountain Retreat Center. Many supporters participated in a 4 man scramble with at least 1 veteran, first responder, or Gold Star family member as a part of each team. Banks described this visit as the most memorable out of all the trips she's made to SMRC, as it was the first time a group of veterans were going through the retreat program while she was there. This was also the first time a representative from one of SMRC's philanthropic partners was present during a retreat.

The Geving family, SMRC staff and mentors, and the 10 veterans attending the retreat were more than welcoming and allowed Banks to see first-hand the positive transformation SMRC offers those suffering with PTSD and the role HOTWORX plays in helping them accomplish this goal. In speaking with Kelly Savage, a veteran who completed the retreat program last year and returned as a mentor for the September 2020 group, she shared,  "Our veteran service members all experienced HOTWORX for the first time. I watched our vets start their day in the infrared saunas and participants noted their increased energy and center-focused momentum. Many completed isometric sessions during their free time in the afternoons as well! HOTWORX is a fine addition to the wellness options at Sacred Mountain." HOTWORX considers their partnership with SMRC an honor and a privilege and is committed to their ongoing support of the incredible things SMRC is doing for our country's heroes!


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