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HOTWORX Franchising has reached a milestone that only 4% of franchise organizations ever reach with the opening of its 500th studio location on June 23, 2023. When the first HOTWORX studio opened in Oxford, MS in February of 2017, the franchise was committed to delivering the best customer experience and workout results possible. This has been their primary focus over the last 6 years and will continue to drive their efforts as they work toward the goal of reaching 1,000 open studios over the next 2 years.

The rapid growth and success of HOTWORX Franchising can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the recruitment of great Franchisees, a fitness program that delivers more workout in less time, and a loyal customer base that believes the value in 24 hour access to infrared sauna workouts. Reflecting on this achievement, CEO & Creator of HOTWORX, Stephen P. Smith, shared, "I cannot express the amount of gratitude we hold as a company, first to over a quarter of a million active HOTWORX members across the planet and then to our dedicated franchise owners who leave it all on the mat every day to create exceptional workout experiences for the customers. And, let's not forget the incredibly talented team of corporate employees who bring it every day to support all of the franchise locations."

To celebrate the opening of the 500th HOTWORX studio, located in Hattiesburg, MS, Smith and his team of HOTWORX Executives virtually joined Franchisees, Ivan & Carley Ostrander, Reagan & Brian Whytlaw, and Lela & Aron TenEyck, and their staff for a toast. During the celebration, Ivan Ostrander, a multi-unit HOTWORX Franchisee, shared with the group, "When we first joined the HOTWORX team, we set some hefty goals and let those be the driving force behind our day-to-day operations. The corporate support at every step of the way makes franchise ownership a no-brainer and allows us to keep the satisfaction of our members as the #1 priority. It's an honor to be the 500th studio!"

Not only has HOTWORX managed to have such explosive growth, but the average profit amongst its franchise locations has increased every single year. This factor is very appealing to fitness-minded entrepreneurs, like Ostrander and his partners, who view a business model with a proven system in place and a service offering that appeals to the masses as a means to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Written By: Kasie Banks, Executive Marketing Director


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