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Make an Informed Decision

HOTWORX welcomes new franchisees, Jason and Daynia Pack, with the purchase of 3 franchise licenses in Phoenix, Arizona!

What led you to explore franchise opportunities?

We have been looking for a franchise opportunity for over 3 years now. We have some friends that are HOTWORX customers, who recommended we take a look as an owner.

Can you describe your first HOTWORX experience?

We have not yet completed a full session. We were offered an opportunity prior to orientation, but chose not to do it due to time constraints.

How was your experience going through the HOTWORX Discovery Process?

The experience was in depth and educational. There was enough content for us to make an informed decision.

What was it like attending Orientation Day and meeting the HOTWORX Executive Team?

The experience was a good one and further confirmed our decision.

What are the top 3 reasons you chose to franchise with HOTWORX?

1. It's in the boutique fitness studio space.2. The labor costs are low and the royalties are very reasonable.3. The product is solid.

What goals do you have in bringing HOTWORX to your market?

To be the top producer and obtain a large market share of the fitness sector in Arizona.

What are you most excited for in your first year as a HOTWORX franchisee?

Opening the doors and meeting our new customers.

Congratulations, Jason & Daynia, and welcome to the HOTWORX family!

Looking for a new business opportunity and want to learn more about HOTWORX? Visit or call (504) 297-1HOT.


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