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Supporting the Community in their Fitness Goals

HOTWORX congratulates franchisees, Lexi & Virgil Gurdian, who were awarded a franchise license in the Houston market and recently opened their North Woodlands, TX studio!

What originally motivated you to consider a business opportunity?
My Husband and I have been brainstorming a new business opportunity for some time now. Currently, I am the CEO of Trusted Safety Compliance which we began in 2014. TSC is a Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental consulting and auditing firm which provides services to all industries throughout the United States. Our largest sector is the Insurance Loss Control side. We audit companies to ensure that they are meeting or exceeding industry best practices per state, federal, and regulatory requirements pertaining to HSE. We also assist companies with technical writing, policies, procedures, training, etc. Virgil is the Corporate HSE Manager for an offshore crane company where he has been for the last 11 years. We both hold degrees in business and Masters degrees, Virgil is also bilingual which I feel will be beneficial for the growth of HOTWORX.

What led you to explore franchising rather than an independent business?
Honestly, we never thought of exploring a franchise until I joined HOTWORX and fell in love. I have never been one to work out in a "gym" setting. When my husband saw my love for HOTWORX (which only took one session), he was open to exploring the franchise side of business.

What was your initial impression of your first HOTWORX session?
During my initial session at HOTWORX I felt at home. There was no pressure. The session felt intimate and relaxing. I was there for one reason, to work and focus on myself. The session not only improved my physical state but also my mental state.

How was your experience going through the HOTWORX Discovery Process?
My Franchise Recruiter became our friend and we cannot wait to meet her in person. She was open and honest, caring not only about the franchise/business side but also our personal life and family. She was patient with our "circus" of a life and it didn't feel like work.

How would you describe your Orientation Day and meeting the HOTWORX Executive Team?
The entire team was knowledgeable and friendly. There was so much information that it was a bit overwhelming but the assurance of assistance from the team was calming. I'll be honest, I am not one to be stationary for long so the orientation was a little long but definitely beneficial.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs considering the opportunity to franchise with HOTWORX?
The team absolutely is there for you every step of the way and has a plethora of information and assistance to offer so far.

What are the top 3 reasons you chose to franchise with HOTWORX?
1. We absolutely love working out at HOTWORX and live in workout attire.
2. The franchise is very structured and is great for a first time franchise owner.
3. The franchise is very catered to ensuring you are successful.

What excites you the most in offering HOTWORX to your community?
We can't wait to introduce HOTWORX to our community as I know they will love it just as much as us!

What goals do you plan to accomplish in your first year as a HOTWORX franchisee?
The goals we plan to accomplish within the first year of our location include being an active part in the community by building relationships with local businesses and supporting the community in their fitness goals.

How will HOTWORX help you achieve your personal and professional goals?
HOTWORX will continue to benefit our overall fitness goals as well as supporting our mental well-being. Professionally, owning a franchise will enhance our business knowledge, build a stronger bond with our community, and diversify our current business ventures.

Congratulations, Lexi & Virgil, and welcome to the HOTWORX team!
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