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Virtual instructor application

Please use the form below to submit an application to compete in the 2021 HOTWORX Virtual Instructor Competition! The Application Round deadline is 5/31/21.

Please select all that apply.
Please list all awards, honors, certifications, titles, etc that you have received in the last 3-5 years.*
If this question does not apply, please type "none."
Provide a 2-5 minute video showcasing your training and workout style.*
Video must be a full body angle, at least 2 minutes in length, but not exceed 5 minutes.
Image #1 - Headshot*
Image #2 - Swimwear Shot*
Image #3 - Fitness Shot (A)*
Image #4 - Fitness Shot (B)*
Image #5 - Personal Favorite*

By submitting an application for the Virtual Instructor Competition, I acknowledge that I am available July 17 - 22, 2021 to attend the Final Round in San Antonio, Texas. I also acknowledge that an application submission does not guarantee advancement into the Online Voting Round.

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