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The Hottest Workout Meets the Coldest Bottle

HOTWORX is excited to announce a new partnership with Ice Shaker, offering a versatile, next-generation bottle. As an athlete and NFL player, Chris Gronkowski, owner and inventor of Ice Shaker, experienced many issues with standard protein shakers and set out on a mission to create a bottle that eliminated those frustrations. He shared the following with us:

When I started Ice Shaker, I was creating the best bottle that I could for myself. Being someone that lives an active and healthy lifestyle, I wanted a bottle that could fit my needs.

I thought of all the problems I had with my plastic shakers and wanted to fix them. They were not insulated - so I used a kitchen grade stainless steel and vacuum insulated the bottles giving them the ability to keep drinks cold for over 30 hours.

The mixing ball that a lot of shakers come with is super frustrating. You always lose the ball, they are hard to clean and they are really noisy inside of a metal cup. I created a patented designed twist in agitator that is silent when you shake it, breaks up powders but also strains your drink so you always get good water flow and never get chunks of protein.

And this one drove me crazy - Not every cup fits into a cupholder!  There is nothing more frustrating than a water bottle rolling around your car! The Ice Shaker fits into all standard size cup holders.

In a recent blog titled, How You Hydrate Matters, Stephen P. Smith, CEO & creator of HOTWORX, stressed the importance of giving your body what it needs when it needs it and that water alone is not enough during a great workout. He closed by stating, “As you begin to think about how you might change your regime for better performance in 2021, consider improvements for how you hydrate!” It’s quite clear that the two brands, HOTWORX and Ice Shaker, share the same passion and drive to offer a quality product that helps customers achieve their fitness goals. Gronkowski shared his positive outlook on the new partnership saying, “HOTWORX is a strong community of individuals that are looking to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Our mission at Ice Shaker is to support and be by the side of individuals through their health and fitness journeys. We are so excited for this opportunity and know how important it is to have a bottle that can keep up with your active lifestyle.”

Visit to find a studio near you and purchase one of the new 26oz. HOTWORX-braded Ice Shaker bottles!

HOTWORX wishes the Gronkowski family the best of luck as Chris’ brother Rob Gronkowski and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV this Sunday!


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