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Washington, DC

Hello, my name is Brittany Copeland and I am one of your 2019-2020 HOTWORX Virtual Instructors! I am a group fitness instructor, running coach, TV host, and, of course, a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor who is excited to EARN THE BURN with all of you! Fitness has always been a major part of my life. My mother was a bodybuilder, ran a gym, and was crowned Miss Pennsylvania. I remember the long hours she spent in the kitchen meal prepping and working out at the gym. I admire my mom for the investments she made to succeed. My father has always been into fitness as well, and he thrives in the outdoors- hiking, camping, and hunting. I’ve grown to enjoy all of those things, but my true passion is running. Stressed out? Run. Need to solve a problem? Run. Want to explore a new place? Run. I am proud to say that I have run 10 marathons, including 2 Marathon Majors, and will soon make 3 with Boston on the horizon this coming April. Running is my obsession but it may also lead to muscle and joint issues over time. This is what gravitated me towards HOTWORX. The benefits of 3D Training sessions (Heat, Infrared Energy, and Exercise) have allowed me to stretch deeper than other traditional workouts. Studies have suggested that infrared can reduce inflammation, which is how I knew, as a runner who suffers from inflammation, that HOTWORX is what has been missing from my life. Then there are the many other benefits: detoxification, increased circulation, weight loss, and, of course, muscle recovery! I’ve neglected the recovery aspect for far too long and I’ve paid for it with bouts of plantar fasciitis and tendonitis that HOTWORX has relieved. This is a new year and a new me. In 2020, I vow to continue to sweat it out at HOTWORX and reap these amazing benefits. I absolutely cannot wait to get this journey started with all of you!