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Dallas, TX

My passion for health and fitness began at a young age and after a lot of trial and error, I finally made the decision to pursue a career in what I love the most; health and wellness. My education began at Texas State University and I finished at Arizona State University as a Certified Health & Wellness Coach. I managed HOTWORX- Dallas, TX(Skillman/Abrams) for 2 years and recently became an AFPA (American Fitness Professionals & Associates) Certified Yoga Instructor.

What motivated you to become a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor?

My goal has always been to make a difference and help people, no matter how big or small the impact may be. I believe in HOTWORX. Over the past couple years, I’ve witnessed the transformation that clients have experienced and what can be accomplished both mentally and physically. Whether it be through a little extra encouragement or making someone smile during their workout, I wanted to be more involved in people’s health and wellness journeys. Being a Virtual Instructor gives me the opportunity to do that all over the world.

How was your very first HOTWORX session? Describe the experience.

During the construction phase of our Dallas location, I went to Flower Mound to try my very first HOTWORX workout. It was unlike any workout I’ve ever done! (And I’ve done just about every workout you can imagine). My best friend and I tried both HOT ROW and HOT CORE; not easy sessions to start with! I have to admit, it was a struggle. I saw firsthand how these workouts could challenge people and make a tremendous difference in their overall health and fitness. I knew that taking on this new role as GM was the right step and I couldn’t wait to spread the word and have others experience it for themselves.

What’s your favorite Isometric posture? Why?

My favorite Isometric posture is definitely the side plank. I love that you can modify this posture a few different ways based on your fitness level. Its versatile and works numerous parts of the body.

Which Isometric posture is the most difficult for you? Why?

The most difficult Isometric posture for me is probably “boomerang”, a pose done in Hot Pilates. For the life of me, I can’t hold this pose. I also struggle with back to back push up planks in Hot Core. It just shows that we all have room for improvement!

What has been the most rewarding part of being a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor?

Being a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor has enabled me to do what I love; motivate and guide people through their health and wellness journey. I am so grateful for the incredible friendships I’ve made along the way. Every Virtual Instructor and Virtual Personal Trainer is extremely talented and we all bring something different to the table. We’re so supportive of each other and it’s great to be surrounded by such genuine, loving people.

Can you share a Fun Fact with us?

I was a preemie baby; born 2 ½ months early on April Fools’ Day. I was 3 tiny pounds and spent 30 days in the NICU. I was discharged six weeks early but I spent my first few weeks at home on a heart monitor- sorry Mom!