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Improve Your Fitness Balance Sheet

Those who know me as a fitness trainer know my stance on the importance of accountability. This holds true for me in business as well. That stance is simple. Without consistency there is little or no accountability.

Let the Sunshine In

I was on a Florida vacation recently and the first couple of days were very dreary due to the rain and no sunshine. We even had a tornado come through one day while I was at a gym with my daughter. The lights went out during the storm but it didn’t slow down my weight training on that leg day.

First Responders Rock the Detox with HOTWORX

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of attending a sauna donation ceremony for the Waxahachie, TX Fire Department. The entire HOTWORX franchise organization would like to commend Chief Ricky Boyd and all of the firefighters there for such an outstanding job.

Great Sleep Improves Detox

Did you know that a good night’s sleep can improve your detox program? This is especially important for your mental health because good sleep = great detox for your brain.

HOTWORX Infrared Sauna Effectiveness

Sauna design matters when it comes to effectiveness. Infrared saunas come in many sizes, shapes and forms. Obviously some designs are more effective than others. The problem with the evaluation of infrared sauna design is that there exists some serious misinformation online coming from those who lack credentials and have no research to back up their claims.

Why is Detox So Important?

In last week’s blog post I wrote about the body’s largest organ, the skin, and how it acts as a border exchange by allowing entry of toxic substances into the body as well exiting them through sweat detox. What I want to expand upon this week is why detox is so important for health.

Skin is Your Detox Border Exchange

The skin acts as your body’s border exchange for toxic substances. When you contact things your body absorbs substances through your skin. Often what we grab, hold or touch can be toxic to our bodies.

HOT EXERCISE Now Available in an Audio Book

While planning for the release of my book, HOT EXERCISE, the release of an audio version was always in the works. We wanted to make the information in the book available in every format.

Franchise Branding is a Team Sport

My franchise business experience dates back to the late 80’s when I became involved with Gold’s Gym as a licensee. I realized then how important a brand name is and how important brand uniformity is as well.

Infrared Training and a Burn Off Diet

I was part of a trainer to trainer dinner conversation this week at our bi-annual end of filming VI (Virtual Instructor) dinner, and the topic was, of course infrared training, but as it related to “diet”.