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Infrared Generates Radiant Heat for Recovery During Exercise

I am amazed sometimes when I see very smart people making outlandish claims about infrared, and it is obvious that they have a very limited understanding of infrared saunas.

Kilimanjaro Cardio

Our mission involved a major cardio challenge. We were to get to the top of Kilimanjaro with the fastest, most difficult route to raise money and awareness of a place in the Black Hills of South Dakota known as Sacred Mountain Retreat Center @sacredmtn.

Hike for Heroes

SO the trek begins in a few hours. We leave our hotel which is literally down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere between the town of Moshi and the giant Mt. Kilimanjaro here in Tanzania.

Active Recovery and Pain Free Infrared Training

I always refer to the HOTWORX 3D Training Method as active recovery. I actually call it a “recovery workout” in conversation a lot.

Stay Active with Infrared Training

I’ll be 59 in March and I want to continue snow skiing and climbing mountains for as long as possible. With that in mind, I know from personal experience the best way to keep the action going is to practice infrared training for fitness.

Yoga in a Sauna

The breakout year was 2014. Looking back, it was a year of self discovery for me, but also one of business discovery. It was a year of self discovery due to a change in my personal fitness path.

Infrared Workouts and Your Photoreceptors

What you see with your eyes is the most advanced form of photo-reception. But did you know that scientists have recently discovered that humans have light sensor molecules within the body, but outside of the eyes?

Detox Strategy for 2022: Infrared Training + Diet Tracking

It’s a new year, it’s 2022. Maybe this year should be the year to make detox a priority. Your body is invaded daily by harmful substances known as either toxins from natural, organic sources or toxicants like air pollution which are human made.

First Ever Integrated Dual Tracking 90 Day Challenge Fitness App

Last week I announced the company’s intention to launch an innovative new update, Diet Trax, (which is now available) to its workout Burn Off App.

Introducing for 2022: Diet Trax and the Ultimate Fitness Level 7

At the end of the day, we all know that a successful fitness program requires two things, 1-working out, and 2-proper diet. Some would debate that one is more important that the other. I fall into the camp that believes working out is the foundational activity followed by a proper diet.


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