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Infrared for Exponential Fitness Results

I set out on a mission to write a book a three years ago that would explain infrared fitness from the history to the science through the lens of how we provide this service at HOTWORX franchise locations.

Bring the Energy

We just left an amazing franchise convention in San Antonio, TX this past week. It was great to finally get the company together in person again after two years.

The Power of Teamwork in a Fitness Franchise

Franchising can be a wonderful business model for delivery of fitness products and services to the customer, who, of course, is the end user.

The Power of Training Partners

Why do people train with others? What makes a small group of two or three people when training more effective? Why do professional athletes train with a partner, or a one-on-one coach?

The Power of Infrared Energy

I hear from HOTWORX customers all the time who mention how “energized” they feel during and after their workouts in the HOTWORX infrared workout saunas. I experience this too. So, why does this happen?

HOTWORX Infrared Training Method

What it takes to make a gym a home is what happens on the inside to get its members the results they are looking for. This is where a training method comes in.

The Circle of Customer Satisfaction

Last year, just prior to our franchise convention for HOTWORX and Planet Beach in preparation for my keynote, I decided to analyze our customer ratings and comments to gain a richer understanding of why our studio members give a 5 star rating.

Transformational Infrared Fitness Results

Last week I had the honor of attending a signing event for my book HOT EXERCISE at one of our top franchise locations in the country, Myrtle Beach, SC. The owners, Monty and Dixie Porter, have done a wonderful job and their members are absolutely passionate about HOTWORX.

More Powerful Fitness Through Mind/Body Awareness

As a follow on to last weeks blog post, I want to expand on the term “power” as it relates to fitness. Fitness programs are more powerful when the mind and body are in sync. The world’s greatest athletes have mastered this, and we can all master it.

What is Power?

Your personal “power” is important to your fitness! That said, let’s dig a little deeper to understand what power really is.