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Infrared Workouts and Hormesis

I had the honor recently to meet Dr. Rhonda Patrick in an online discussion about her upcoming guest appearance onstage at our franchise convention to be held in Scottsdale, AZ this August 1-3. During the meeting she spoke about hormesis and the role it plays in usage of infrared saunas.

Fight Fire with Fitness: Remember Our First Responders this July 4!

I thought it to be appropriate on this 4th of July weekend to write an article in honor of our first responders who contribute so much to all of our communities throughout the country.

The Power of Virtual Fitness Instruction

HOTWORX established the first ever international fitness competition for virtual instructors in 2018. The annual competition is now in its 5th year and it has become an integral part of how the brand recruits fitness talent to serve as members of the 7 person virtual instructor annual lineup.

What is “Overweight”?

Sometimes people will ask me what I think constitutes being “overweight”. Overweight can mean different things to different people.

Don’t Skip the Workout Warmup!

Have you ever taken yoga from an instructor who skips the warmup? What about a personal training session with a trainer who starts you off with no warmup sets or active stretching?

Infrared Cross Training for Accelerated Performance

By practicing cross training an individual is able to work muscles and make strength, flexibility, cardio and endurance gains from all different angles, thereby reinforcing the performance for the main activity, or sport.

Get More From Your Workouts in Less Time

Training inside of an infrared sauna is a fitness game changer for time management. Take back an hour from your weekday and reduce your necessary gym time. Think of what you can accomplish with an extra 5 hours during your work week!

Infrared Training and Mental Focus

The importance of the mind/body connection is well documented when it comes to athletics and fitness. It requires mental clarity and focus.

Fat Oxidation and Infrared Training

Fat slows you down! If you want to be a lean, mean productive machine, then you need to lose the fat.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor? Last Chance!

In order to produce high quality workouts on video to be served up virtually, there still has to be a talented fitness instructor on the set to lead the workouts for filming. This is why HOTWORX decided several years ago to hold an international Virtual Instructor Competition each year at their franchise convention.


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