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A Better Way To Do Cardio

No fitness program is complete without a cardio component. The traditional workout usually involves some form of strength training first, such as weights followed by cardio. Traditional cardio such as a session on the treadmill, elliptical or some other equipment in a steady state type of movement is what is practiced by the majority of health club members. The steady state approach to cardio does work to get results but it takes more time and is monotonous. It lacks variety and can quickly lead to boredom.


Making Cardio Cool

Let’s just cut the crap. Doing cardio is hard, and it can turn into a dull, boring grind if you keep doing it the old school way. That is, by working endless minutes on the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike.


Cardio Evolved!!!

I know there are some really good treadmill manufacturers out there who are doing some things in an effort to make the treadmill less boring, but, for me, I just can’t make myself do another session on a treadmill. I just don’t find it interesting anymore. So, several years ago I just decided to run outdoors and do stadium steps for a more inspiring way to get my cardio.


BTW... You're Doing Cardio

Ever feel like a mouse on a wheel when you're on a treadmill? I can’t think of anything more boring for a cardio workout than that! The cool thing about HOTWORX workouts is that while you are focused on the isometric posture sequence as you follow the lead from the virtual instructor, you are actually getting a great cardio workout.Very quickly...