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Let the Sunshine In

I was on a Florida vacation recently and the first couple of days were very dreary due to the rain and no sunshine. We even had a tornado come through one day while I was at a gym with my daughter. The lights went out during the storm but it didn’t slow down my weight training on that leg day.


HOTWORX Infrared Sauna Effectiveness

Sauna design matters when it comes to effectiveness. Infrared saunas come in many sizes, shapes and forms. Obviously some designs are more effective than others. The problem with the evaluation of infrared sauna design is that there exists some serious misinformation online coming from those who lack credentials and have no research to back up their claims.


Infrared Training and a Burn Off Diet

I was part of a trainer to trainer dinner conversation this week at our bi-annual end of filming VI (Virtual Instructor) dinner, and the topic was, of course infrared training, but as it related to “diet”.


Infrared, the Good Radiation

The word “radiation” gets a bad rap sometimes. Indeed, there are very harmful forms of radiation that we all should avoid, but there are “good” forms of radiation too. Infrared is one of those good forms of radiation.


Blood Oxygen Levels and Infrared Training

So most of us have heard by now that the new Apple Watch measures blood oxygen levels. This feature, known as a pulse oximeter, reports oxygen saturation (also known as SpO2).


Did You Know This About Infrared?

Infrared is electromagnetic energy and a form of radiation found in the invisible area of the light spectrum. We know that infrared energy penetrates the human body up to 1.5 inches experienced as a subtle warmth of radiant heat to the body. The wavelength of infrared is longer than visible light and more easily absorbed by human skin.


Heat and the Coronavirus

I, like many of us, have been watching the White House Press Conferences every day during this crisis. I do this in an effort to increase my level of knowledge for decision-making. During a crisis it is important stay positive and to stay informed!A recent briefing from the President was of particular importance as it relates to the potential of light and heat as a combatant to COVID-19.


Electromagnetic Field (EMF) as a Measure for Infrared

Infrared is a form of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). EMR, as a current, is surrounded by an electromagnetic field (EMF). For example, lightning is a current between the sky and the ground, or wherever it travels, and an EMF encircles it as it travels. Infrared waves of light energy is surrounded by EMF as well. Therefore, EMF levels can indicate the presence of infrared radiation (IR).