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Calorie Burn


Watch Your Fitness Tracker, Not a Wall Clock!

Any product innovation, including, and especially that of fitness trackers such as the Apple Watch and FitBit, is an evolution by design to improve the experience with time.


Day After Christmas - The Fitness Counter Attack

It’s the day after Christmas and all through the house, visions of fitness and detox ring out!


Key Data Fitness Tracking

In business, we know how important it is to inspect what you expect. There’s nothing more motivating than an impending inspection from a supervisor or knowing that a customer can give you a review for the world to see at any time when you own a business. The same accountability holds true for your level of fitness.


Team Bonfire

Last week my lunchtime HOTWORX® team decided to do a BONFIRE™ workout on Monday to kick off the week. The Bonfire workout consists of back-to-back hot isometrics and hot HIIT. It is a total of 45 minutes of actual workout with 30 minutes of isometrics followed by or preceded by 15 minutes of HIIT, all done in the infrared sauna at 125º F. Here are my results as recorded with my Apple Watch (note: I always use the “Other” workout setting for HOTWORX):


EPOC After-Burn

Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC is the increased amount of oxygen that your body uses to return to its normal rate of metabolism, or homeostasis, following a workout. This process is also known informally as the after-burn. Most fitness enthusiasts measure the after-burn in terms of calories burned within a certain amount of time immediately following the workout.


The BONFIRE Workout

The HOTWORX BONFIRE Workout consists of a single workout session using the combination of a hot 15 minute HIIT workout, either cycle or cross-row, and then immediately switching over to an isometric sauna for a 30 minute workout of either ISO, yoga or pilates. What an incredible workout this is! It is a must experience for any fitness enthusiast.


BURN Baby BURN It Off!

I am convinced that the HOTWORX Hot Iso 30 minute workout gives the best calorie after-burn in the business. Take a look at my most recent workout results:



The Hot Box Detox team just concluded its first IHRSA (North America’s Largest Fitness Industry Trade Show) yesterday with an incredible response from the industry that will require a great follow up effort to ensure that all of the club, gym and spa owners receive their new HBX units very soon.