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Respect for the Warrior Spirit

I’m writing this blog today from the Black Hills of South Dakota. When I am here I am reminded of the freedoms that we sometimes take for granted in America.


Day After Christmas - The Fitness Counter Attack

It’s the day after Christmas and all through the house, visions of fitness and detox ring out!


Toxic Planet

As I was returning from my son’s football practice today, I noticed a news feed across my phone that declared, “1 in 6 Deaths on the Planet are Linked to Pollution”. I thought to myself, how shocking, and my second thought was how sad. We are destroying our environment and the result is that we are killing ourselves in the process.


Temperature Matters!

Heat has been used as a method of therapy for centuries. Ancient cultures used sweat lodges and primitive sauna structures as a way to cleanse the body from the inside out. Today we use high-tech infrared saunas for the same reason and for more precise purposes with much greater efficiency.


More Infrared Detox Reports…

Every day we are victims of assault! Our bodies are attacked by air pollution, processed foods and drinks, and toxins that we touch and that are absorbed into our skin. As the toxicity of our environments continues to increase, now, more than ever, we need a strategy for personal detoxification. One way to counter the daily toxin assault on our bodies is to practice infrared detox.



Yes, one function of sweating is detoxification of your body. Common sense should tell you that. But, in spite of the vast body of evidence that continues to mount, there are still people that refuse to believe it. To the shrinking number of those who cling to that stubborn refusal, here is a question for you…