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How You Hydrate Matters

Drink plenty of water! How many times have you heard that? It probably makes you think of your mom or a school teacher telling you how important it is to drink water when you were a kid. It’s important to drink water, for sure, and it is especially important to hydrate when you train. But, the act of hydrating your body can be even more effective when you supplement the water with a nutritional additive.


Smart Hydration Part 3 - Powder Power

HOTWORX believes in increased workout efficiencies in every form, not just the motion of exercise, but also, specific to this blog post, in the form of hydration. Proper hydration is obviously important for hot exercise. Quietly, the company has been working to complete its’ line of workout powders and is now poised to introduce the completed line with a “Powder Power” awareness initiative.


The Convenience Factor

So, I’m here in Oxford, MS this week, my second home. This is the town where I attended Ole Miss for my undergraduate degree and where I opened my very first business when I was 23, a basic gym with a weight room and an aerobics studio back in 1987. There were no 24 hour gyms to speak of back in the 80’s.


Get Your Roll On!

Around the turn of the last century foam rollers began to populate the corners of gym floors all across the globe. A foam roller is simply a tool to allow a user to deliver a self administered deep tissue massage. This form of massage is also known as self myofascial release. Foam rollers come in many sizes, colors, textures and density, but generally they look like the one below.


The Cold Lemon Towel

Hot exercise is the most efficient way to detox your body. In order to maximize the detox effect it is important to wipe your body clean from the sweat that you generate from hot exercise so that those toxins do not re-enter your body.


Aromatherapy and Hot Exercise

Aromatherapy has been used as a form of medicine for centuries with records dating back to ancient times. Aromatherapy is the use of plant essential oils to improve mind and body functions.


Yoga Mat (and Towel) Mania!

Your yoga mat, and towel is a personal thing. These two items are as important to an isometric workout as a good pair of Nike’s are to a runner. When people experience yoga, pilates and other forms of isometrics with a really good mat and towel they will never go back to a lesser quality experience.