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The Power of Teamwork in a Fitness Franchise

Franchising can be a wonderful business model for delivery of fitness products and services to the customer, who, of course, is the end user.


Franchise Branding is a Team Sport

My franchise business experience dates back to the late 80’s when I became involved with Gold’s Gym as a licensee. I realized then how important a brand name is and how important brand uniformity is as well.


Franchising is a Team Sport

Franchising has always been a team sport. From my perspective, as a former competitive athlete, all business is a game, and therefore, a sport. And, when it comes to sports, I prefer playing on a team.


Fitness Entrepreneurship in the Midst of a Crisis

True Entrepreneurs are optimistic by nature.That said, entrepreneurs need to nurture their optimistic nature by staying fit physically and mentally. First off, keeping up the workouts, no matter where they are done, can help to lower the business stress and raise the levels of optimism.


HOTWORX Has That Likeability Factor

Fletcher Jernigan is the spa director at the Uptown New Orleans Planet Beach spray & spa. The spa has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. In July of 2015 the owner decided to install a HOTWORX unit.


No Wasted Time

Last week’s blog was all about no wasted space. This week it is about no wasted time. Time is just as important as space to a bricks and mortar business owner, especially a fitness business owner. Make every effort to maximize space and time with your business. Space + Exercise + Intensity + Time = Results in this business.