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Improve the Quality of Your Fitness Time this Holiday Season

Sometimes people place their fitness program on the back burner to free up more time for holiday preparations. Instead of sacrificing your workouts this year, why not incorporate a more efficient workout program into your schedule?


Unleash Your Inner Warrior to Overcome Adversity

In this year of the pandemic it’s easy to allow yourself to be dragged into a downward spiral of negativity. Don’t let it happen! It’s not the correct response to adversity. There is a way to keep moving in a positive direction, and even catapult yourself to a much higher level amidst this seemingly awful situation we find ourselves in.


Maintain a Vacation Motivation Mentality

According to Zig Ziglar, the legendary motivator and sales master, you are always the most productive the day before your vacation. I would certainly agree with that, and note that you always spend that day tying up all of your loose ends for work as well as all of the packing and planning for your departure the very next day.


It’s Time to Get Motivated!

Here we are again staring at another new year. We need to reset as we are now about to roar into the 20’s of the 21st century. Well, let’s hope to roar into the new decade, but we need motivation first. When is the last time you looked in the mirror and asked yourself, “What motivates me?” Different things motivate different people but I think we can all agree that most people in one way or another do get excited about the prospects of going on a vacation.


Vacation Motivation

I have written about this before, but I will continue to write on this topic to remind myself and blog readers of the importance of this simple fitness strategy. Vacations are the greatest motivators of all to get people moving towards a fitness objective. I write this blog post today from Park City, Utah during one such vacation. Obviously my trip involves snow skiing.


Multiple Membership Trend

There is a trend that has been developing in the fitness industry. People are willing to maintain more than one fitness club membership these days. Everywhere I go in my travels to visit new HOTWORX Studio locations, I hear from customers and from franchisees that everyone has multiple memberships to different gyms and fitness studios. Fitness customers are looking for specialty workouts now more than ever!


Form a Fitness Band

Like many people, I enjoy going to rock concerts. Good bands form to make good music, and like a great rock band does for music, you can form a “fitness band” to to make great workouts!


The Fitness Event

I’ve already written about the importance of setting up an event as a motivator for your fitness program. This topic is so important, though, I feel that it is worthy of a second blog post. In my years as an entrepreneur I have found that nothing, not even cash, motivates people more than a trip incentive for extraordinary productivity. For example, our franchise company is currently incentivized by a potential trip to Jamaica for top performers. We will see who will be on that Superstar Trip later this year!