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Bring the Energy

We just left an amazing franchise convention in San Antonio, TX this past week. It was great to finally get the company together in person again after two years.


Transformational Infrared Fitness Results

Last week I had the honor of attending a signing event for my book HOT EXERCISE at one of our top franchise locations in the country, Myrtle Beach, SC. The owners, Monty and Dixie Porter, have done a wonderful job and their members are absolutely passionate about HOTWORX.


Respect for the Warrior Spirit

I’m writing this blog today from the Black Hills of South Dakota. When I am here I am reminded of the freedoms that we sometimes take for granted in America.


Be a Force

In physics, “force” is an influence that produces or changes the motion of an object. For humans, force is a word that represents the strength and/or energy that is required to generate action. Force is a powerful tool in life.


Watch Your Fitness Tracker, Not a Wall Clock!

Any product innovation, including, and especially that of fitness trackers such as the Apple Watch and FitBit, is an evolution by design to improve the experience with time.


Mission 2021: Be a More Powerful You

Twenty-twenty was tough. It’s time to focus on YOU again! Work on your body and improve your mind this year through fitness.


Improve the Quality of Your Fitness Time this Holiday Season

Sometimes people place their fitness program on the back burner to free up more time for holiday preparations. Instead of sacrificing your workouts this year, why not incorporate a more efficient workout program into your schedule?


Unleash Your Inner Warrior to Overcome Adversity

In this year of the pandemic it’s easy to allow yourself to be dragged into a downward spiral of negativity. Don’t let it happen! It’s not the correct response to adversity. There is a way to keep moving in a positive direction, and even catapult yourself to a much higher level amidst this seemingly awful situation we find ourselves in.