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Improve the Quality of Your Fitness Time this Holiday Season

Sometimes people place their fitness program on the back burner to free up more time for holiday preparations. Instead of sacrificing your workouts this year, why not incorporate a more efficient workout program into your schedule?


Workout Schizophrenia Runs Rampant in the Fitness Industry

There seems to be elements of mass delusion in the world of fitness training these days. What do I mean by that? Well, before I explain, let’s gain an understanding of the word schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a psychology term and when used in general conversation refers to “a mentality or approach characterized by inconsistent or contradictory elements.”¹


The Importance of Discipline in Fitness and Franchising

It should go without saying that you have to be disciplined if you expect results from your fitness regime. Only YOU can get yourself to the gym on a regular basis. You must find a way to muster the self discipline that it takes to keep yourself going consistently. Make your workout regime a part of your life in the same way that you brush your teeth in the morning. Working out can be fun if you train your mind to become a fitness enthusiast. Training your mind to create a good habit takes discipline.


Procrastination is the Sworn Enemy of Fitness Achievement

One of the most influential sales professionals of my career always would tell me that procrastination is the “sworn enemy of achievement”. John Paul, now well into his 70’s, still manages the sales force for one of the largest Gold’s Gym franchise ownership groups in the world. That franchise group is located in Southern California. “JP” knows how to get productivity from a team.


Making the Fitness Dream Real in 2019

It’s college football bowl season and time for the national championship, and it’s playoff time for the NFL. Of course, the talk of who might win the Super Bowl is in the air as well. The beginning of each new year is filled with championship spirit and discussions of what it takes to win.


Three is Perfect for Group Training

There is a very good reason why we designed the HOTWORX infrared sauna with the precise interior dimensions that it has. We wanted to create the perfect workout environment for three people to train together as a group.


Workout Type Consistency is Vital

As a fitness professional and as an owner of many fitness facilities throughout my career, I am amused sometimes to listen to overzealous trainers and fitness center owners who destroy good workouts because they think that a workout type should be different every time. For example, some will listen to people who think they need a different yoga posture sequence for every workout and these trainers


Small Group Training is Better

Train with a small group this year. Your focus, motivation, accountability and fun levels will go up if you do. Check out the research below:“Group Training is Better: Fortunately, working out with others is also more fun, as researchers found by studying elite male rowers at Oxford University. The rowers first exercised on a rowing machine in the company of their teammates; the next day, they performed the same workout at the same intensity, but by themselves.