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How You Hydrate Matters

Drink plenty of water! How many times have you heard that? It probably makes you think of your mom or a school teacher telling you how important it is to drink water when you were a kid. It’s important to drink water, for sure, and it is especially important to hydrate when you train. But, the act of hydrating your body can be even more effective when you supplement the water with a nutritional additive.


Efficient Hydration for Pre, During and Post-Workout

One point that is not impressed upon enough by trainers and fitness writers is the advantage of mixing pre and post workout supplements with water for your workout hydration needs. Proper hydration and supplementation is especially important for infrared training.


Electrolyte Hydration!

The more you hydrate during a workout in the sauna, the more you sweat. The more you sweat, the more you detox. Make sure you hydrate properly. By that I mean keep your sports drink shaker next to you and drink plenty and whenever you need to.