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The Power of Your Inner Warrior

I always like to say that people can always do more than they think they can do. I believe that.


Workout Intensity vs Entropy

After recovering from climbing Camelback Mountain in the outdoor infrared and under the Phoenix midday sun last week, I noticed an incredible rejuvenation of my entire body.


HOTWORX Infrared Training Method

What it takes to make a gym a home is what happens on the inside to get its members the results they are looking for. This is where a training method comes in.


What is Power?

Your personal “power” is important to your fitness! That said, let’s dig a little deeper to understand what power really is.


Watch Your Fitness Tracker, Not a Wall Clock!

Any product innovation, including, and especially that of fitness trackers such as the Apple Watch and FitBit, is an evolution by design to improve the experience with time.


The Infrared Bonfire Workout

The practice of adding workout variety through cross-training is gaining in popularity. The reason is because cross-training accelerates performance. The real benefit from cross-training is the gains that come from the blended variety of workouts.


Hot Supplement to Athletic Training

Champion athletes always cross train. They never allow themselves to plateau due to a stale, monotonous training routine. As defined in a recent Runner’s World Magazine article, “cross-training is when a runner trains by doing another kind of fitness workout such as cycling, swimming, a fitness class or strength training, to supplement their running. It builds strength and flexibility in muscles that running doesn't utilize. It prevents injury by correcting muscular imbalances. And the variety prevents boredom and burnout.”


Brain Power

A 2013 Huffington Post article asserts that 20 minutes of yoga is good for the brain. The article published on cites from a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health which included 30 female college students who performed 20 minutes of yoga and then 20 minutes of exercise on a treadmill. Participants in the study took cognitive tests after the yoga session and again after the treadmill session. Results showed higher scores for tests following the yoga sessions (1).