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Yoga Evolved

This is my third year in a row now to travel to Tulum, Mexico which is considered to be one of the world’s top yoga retreat destinations.


The Hot Air of Hot Yoga

Fitness Studio Air Quality matters, especially for hot yoga, pilates and other forms of hot exercise. Most fitness centers that incorporate some form of heated studio into their fitness programming use traditional heating that is blown in by an HV/AC system. This type of heating relies on the pumping of hot air into a room in the effort to raise the temperature of the workout environment. The problem with this is the air quality. Air blown from venting is processed and dirty. To add to the issue, when the air is blown through the vents as it is pushed out through a furnace and it is loud.


Democratize Exercise

Let’s face it. Yoga has been an elitist exercise program for far too long. From the high cost of the sessions to the over the top practices and strange ritualisms, yoga has been perceived and is still perceived by most average folk as a form of fitness that is just too far out for them.No more of that!