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Hot Exercise


The Smart Workout

Working out is like brushing your teeth. You have to get it done! If you fail to brush your teeth they will decay. If you fail to work out the rest of your body will decay!


HOT EXERCISE Now Available in an Audio Book

While planning for the release of my book, HOT EXERCISE, the release of an audio version was always in the works. We wanted to make the information in the book available in every format.


Improve the Quality of Your Fitness Time this Holiday Season

Sometimes people place their fitness program on the back burner to free up more time for holiday preparations. Instead of sacrificing your workouts this year, why not incorporate a more efficient workout program into your schedule?


Infrared Hot Resolution

You’ve already heard them. No doubt, I’ve heard them too already this new year. I am referring to the jokes about well intended New Years resolutions that are destined for failure once again.


Gift to Self This Christmas

Tis the season for helping others and giving. We all make giving to others and helping those in need a priority during the Christmas season. With that in mind, why should I be writing a blog article about giving to yourself? Because taking care of yourself throughout this time of year, rather than letting yourself go could quite possibly be the greatest gift that you could give to your loved ones.


Hot Exercise on the Brain!

Many of you may have experienced how free your mind can become at the end of a great isometric workout such as hot yoga. I find that there is no better way to begin a work day than with a great hot yoga or pilates session. I find that I think more clearly and I work with a more heightened level of motivation throughout the day.


Two Clients

A hot 30 minute isometric workout is definitely good for everybody, but generally there are two reasons that clients will use this type of session, and they are:1. General Fitness: 80% of clients who practice a form of hot exercise do it for their main or their only fitness routine.


Radiant Hot Workouts In Vegas!

Hot Box Detox is now HOTWORX